About Us

After years of success in the pole dancing industry, our founder Grace gave birth to her first child. Every woman knows that having a baby is bound to change some aspects of their life. Their sleep schedule, their sanity, and yes even their body. When Grace returned to the pole, she was astonished to discover just how much her own body had indeed changed after giving birth. Even though she bought larger sizes, none of the active wear she was accustomed to seemed to fit anymore, at least not in the way it had been designed to. Discouraged, Grace decided to do something about it. Combining her successful years as a pole dancer, with her lifelong love of fashion, Grace came up with her own solution, "Zasha's Pole Wear".


Made from the best materials, our goal at Zasha's is to make every woman feel confident and beautiful no matter their size. Available in a variety of sizes, styles, and colours, and created with every woman in mind. Our Pole Wear won't just make you feel good, you will look great too!


At Zasha's we value our community's feedback more than anything else. In the last month we have received so much support, and look forward to delivering you all the best products on the market.